Damnation and It's Hold

from by Warseid

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Sweet salt breeze of cool air
Agony on black and stony shore
Sword and hammer, tightly I clench
Snow laden firs stand on the moor

As frost slowly falls
The raven, darkest of nights, gazes down from

With misery coursing, slowly stand I
The ships wrecked and ruined, but all are alive
Wander we must in unknown lands of ice
Home within our hearts as we face coming demise

Faster frost blankets the earth in pristine white
No light above this sorcery cursed kingdom
Into the green we march injured, but ready
Swords drawn and shields raised
Speaking the wisdom of gods

Out past the cliffs we see a wasteland eternal
Ice stretches as far as our eyes can see
The winds crack and sing of death like our ships
Crashing so far at sea

The wind begins to rise
The torrent clouds our vision
As we walk through this blizzard
Though we feel not its bite
Following the voices of brothers lost to sight
A shadow of a figure
Black against the blizzard
Cedes the storm
As silhouettes appear in greater numbers

Brothers reappear
Through the remnants of the calming storm
Something unfamiliar
As the shades of past draw near

A wretched face of death
Armored body of rot
I know the tales of this specter
I fear I know my fate

These dead and doomed warriors
Bound to wander eternal wastes
Stagger forth all around
Frozen flesh of ages past
Armies of the dead have amassed

In this land of ice
Surely we cannot be bound
We must make our way back home
Woe among the snow
As we walk to whence we came
Ruined ships on the shore
Rotted wood on the rocks

Peeling back boards of shattered ships
Surely we can save just one
Frantic, I lift a dragon's head
My face stares back at me
Lifeless the eyes of my past
The world of men is gone
I am one with the dead
A draug in Hel's legion


from A New Land to Find, released February 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Warseid Madison, Wisconsin

Warseid has sought to seek out the secrets of the mind, of fate, death, and destiny since 2009, carving their niche of American pagan metal in ritual fire. Utilizing the atmospheric elements of black, folk, and symphonic metal, bassist/vocalist Kyle Cushman, drummer Kellan Hilscher, and guitarist Steven Hoff develop dynamic compositions with intricate harmonies worthy of their shamanic namesake. ... more

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