Between Shadows

from by Warseid

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I see blue flames burning bright
With this feather coat
I fly through the fates of men
I will foretell

Along the coasts of evergreens
Through each narrow, winding stream
Beneath every gnarled mountain root
Lies our destiny absolute

Between shadows of great trees I travel
Spirits cry to nature and the dead I listen
Knowledge I seek
On the mighty oak sits a raven, black
Beckoned, I follow, I fly with into the void
High stand the mountains
Snowy peaks dwell in the sky
Deep and fast run rivers
Though frost covers their might
Ever green are the trees
Whose lives are forever theirs
In the land of the dead I walk
Where life has come to pass

Back to the realm you came
Where the dead are alive
The force that binds beings
That ties all life
I will find the answers
I’ll see what the gods see
Weaving the threads of fate
Events to be

Over the rocky seas I follow through the mist
Neither death nor nature this raven of my vision
Certainly of the gods, it flies fast and far
Its appearance must have reason
There I land on supple ground
With fear my heart does swell
Those I know face down
Eyes rotted out, bodies bloated
No life in those I’ve found

Death, disease, pestilence
We shall find if we stay
No life here to be found
Corpses lying all around
Death, disease, pestilence
We shall find if we stay
Here, I do not wish to be
It flies again, I follow

The raven nests on the tallest ash
In a place I do not know
We must make our new home there
This vision Odin bestows

A new land to find, the Allfather provides
More ships to build, far across the sea we sail
Follow the raven through the mist, don’t look back
Trust in the gods, they have put us on this path

Home and again toward death we march
Avarice torn hand from hearth
These lands will be ours


from A New Land to Find, released February 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Warseid Madison, Wisconsin

Warseid has sought to seek out the secrets of the mind, of fate, death, and destiny since 2009, carving their niche of American pagan metal in ritual fire. Utilizing the atmospheric elements of black, folk, and symphonic metal, bassist/vocalist Kyle Cushman, drummer Kellan Hilscher, and guitarist Steven Hoff develop dynamic compositions with intricate harmonies worthy of their shamanic namesake. ... more

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