A New Land to Find

by Warseid

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The first full length album from the Wisconsin blackened folk metal outfit Warseid. Released through SoundAge Productions.

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released February 2, 2017

Steven Hoff - Guitars/Vocals/Orchestral Sequencing
Kyle Cushman - Bass/Vocals
Kellan Hilscher - Drums/Vocals



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Warseid Madison, Wisconsin

Warseid has sought to seek out the secrets of the mind, of fate, death, and destiny since 2009, carving their niche of American pagan metal in ritual fire. Utilizing the atmospheric elements of black, folk, and symphonic metal, bassist/vocalist Kyle Cushman, drummer Kellan Hilscher, and guitarist Steven Hoff develop dynamic compositions with intricate harmonies worthy of their shamanic namesake. ... more

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Track Name: Dragons in the Mist
On the backs of oak dragons
North winds fill our sails
The cold black oceans below
Thick morning mist our veil
A bright light cuts through the fog
Fearsome fangs laid bare
With howls our shields we pound
Charging up on sandy shores

No warning they had
In temples they hide
The new god does nothing
When the old ride by our side

God save us from these demons of the North
Heathen beasts who heed no sacred ground
Deliver us from these butchers, O Lord
Protect your humble servants

You and your god will know our names
Sent to him while doused in flames
Crosses of gold, martyrs of crimson
Against the blaze, all this glistens
Overcome with fear and pall
Realizing that death shall befall

Screams of terror rising around
As your faith burns to the ground
Kinsmen die, all men are mortal
Scourge of the sacred, we heathens infernal

The deeds are done, violence spared none
For reverence they screamed, we heard no pleas
Woeful, the overwhelming silence
Sullen faces of the fallen
Woeful, the overwhelming silence
Ashen remnants of the sacred

For years we’ve sailed, brothers
Ridding this disease
Giving ourselves unto ourselves
God of deceit
No one lives forever
All men are mortal
Cattle die, kinsmen die
Reputation is eternal
Track Name: Between Shadows
I see blue flames burning bright
With this feather coat
I fly through the fates of men
I will foretell

Along the coasts of evergreens
Through each narrow, winding stream
Beneath every gnarled mountain root
Lies our destiny absolute

Between shadows of great trees I travel
Spirits cry to nature and the dead I listen
Knowledge I seek
On the mighty oak sits a raven, black
Beckoned, I follow, I fly with into the void
High stand the mountains
Snowy peaks dwell in the sky
Deep and fast run rivers
Though frost covers their might
Ever green are the trees
Whose lives are forever theirs
In the land of the dead I walk
Where life has come to pass

Back to the realm you came
Where the dead are alive
The force that binds beings
That ties all life
I will find the answers
I’ll see what the gods see
Weaving the threads of fate
Events to be

Over the rocky seas I follow through the mist
Neither death nor nature this raven of my vision
Certainly of the gods, it flies fast and far
Its appearance must have reason
There I land on supple ground
With fear my heart does swell
Those I know face down
Eyes rotted out, bodies bloated
No life in those I’ve found

Death, disease, pestilence
We shall find if we stay
No life here to be found
Corpses lying all around
Death, disease, pestilence
We shall find if we stay
Here, I do not wish to be
It flies again, I follow

The raven nests on the tallest ash
In a place I do not know
We must make our new home there
This vision Odin bestows

A new land to find, the Allfather provides
More ships to build, far across the sea we sail
Follow the raven through the mist, don’t look back
Trust in the gods, they have put us on this path

Home and again toward death we march
Avarice torn hand from hearth
These lands will be ours
Track Name: In Themselves They Believed
High One holds you not in his favor
Be yet steadfast and pray to the gods
When a foe you face formidable
That you win against all odds

Strike fast and strike true
The seers had warned
Be alert, be not afraid
Wise men warriors did scorn

There they stood, upon the hill high
Unfurled their banners, let ravens fly
Down to their doom, they all charged
All screaming death louder than ever heard

Strong, the king with his men
Blood spattered, sword high risen
Cleaving skulls down to the throat
Armor cannot withstand
Endless they are
Bodies cover the ground
Backs to the rocks, stand together
Shieldwall, covered crimson

Odin, grant me now wisdom
Grant me victory this day
Let me honor you with slaughter
If I must, I’ll feast with you this day

The battle did rage
Their shields held strong
Still brothers were slain
Valhalla’s not long

As they fought they looked for the ravens
Against their setting sun
Blood it flowed and swords they sang
Yet they saw not a single one

Their gods left them there stranded
With naught but might and will
Warriors foretold to perish
But determined they were to kill

High One holds you not in his favor
Be yet steadfast and pray to the gods
When a foe you face formidable
That you win against all odds

Their gods left them there stranded
The seers told them take heed
No gods stood beside them
In themselves they then believed
Track Name: When the Ravens Are Fed
We sailed to many lands
With sword and fire
Clenched in our hands
Set alight by cold wrought iron
All the lives we took
By conquest and vengeance
To old gods we’re sworn
Our ancestors’ rites and legends
Our eyes meet the sky
Watching the ravens fly

When the ravens are fed
The earth shook and the winds spoke
Axe and arrow rain overhead
Spirits clash as iron meets oak
When the ravens are fed
Blood hawks feasting on the dead
From corpses of fallen men
Their names soon all forget
When the ravens are fed
When we stand above conquered men
Banners staked upon hill high
No peace will we extend

Suffer the hands of cruel fate
Our death and bloodshed await
No raven flew high as swords bit
And flayed the flesh of all
A spear instead, so strong and sharp
Pierced us with its call
The One-Eyed wielder, slayer
Our fate bound to befall

The storm’s thunder gave way
As the dew of bodies ran
Down flickers of light, threads frayed
Clouds of battle clothe the dead
Across the field of blood and shame
Where Fala’s horses graze
Track Name: The Winds Sang of Death
On the wounds of our oak dragons we sail
The tail hidden beneath the cold sea
Never have I seen these men so frail
Glory never seemed so real

Onward we sail
With far fewer men
Our brothers’ lament
Glory never seemed so real

We rowed for what seemed so long
And asked the gods to guide
Odin of wood, his one eye carved
Our course he will provide

Against the currents he drifted
Though the winds began to blow
Towards the mist he drifted
Through the mist we’ll go

The raven flies into the mist
We follow, the skies turn black
The weeping of the winds turns to wails
As the sun turns to ash

Giant tides, rain bites like swords
The ship begins to thrash
No land in sight, the anvil pounds on
Only ashes of the sun

Heaved across the jagged sea
Tormented by nature’s unrelenting hand
A wave swallows the horizon to the east
And opens wide like the maw of a whale

Inside the mouth of this beast we rode
‘Neath skies no man had seen before
It calmed the seas and left the storm in its wake
And spat us upon the shore
Track Name: Damnation and It's Hold
Sweet salt breeze of cool air
Agony on black and stony shore
Sword and hammer, tightly I clench
Snow laden firs stand on the moor

As frost slowly falls
The raven, darkest of nights, gazes down from

With misery coursing, slowly stand I
The ships wrecked and ruined, but all are alive
Wander we must in unknown lands of ice
Home within our hearts as we face coming demise

Faster frost blankets the earth in pristine white
No light above this sorcery cursed kingdom
Into the green we march injured, but ready
Swords drawn and shields raised
Speaking the wisdom of gods

Out past the cliffs we see a wasteland eternal
Ice stretches as far as our eyes can see
The winds crack and sing of death like our ships
Crashing so far at sea

The wind begins to rise
The torrent clouds our vision
As we walk through this blizzard
Though we feel not its bite
Following the voices of brothers lost to sight
A shadow of a figure
Black against the blizzard
Cedes the storm
As silhouettes appear in greater numbers

Brothers reappear
Through the remnants of the calming storm
Something unfamiliar
As the shades of past draw near

A wretched face of death
Armored body of rot
I know the tales of this specter
I fear I know my fate

These dead and doomed warriors
Bound to wander eternal wastes
Stagger forth all around
Frozen flesh of ages past
Armies of the dead have amassed

In this land of ice
Surely we cannot be bound
We must make our way back home
Woe among the snow
As we walk to whence we came
Ruined ships on the shore
Rotted wood on the rocks

Peeling back boards of shattered ships
Surely we can save just one
Frantic, I lift a dragon's head
My face stares back at me
Lifeless the eyes of my past
The world of men is gone
I am one with the dead
A draug in Hel's legion